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Pension Premiums

There is no financial limit on the amount that may be contributed to a registered pension scheme. The maximum amount on which an individual can claim tax relief in any tax year is the greater of the individual's UK relevant earnings or £3,600 (gross).

If total pension input exceeds the annual allowance of £40,000 there may be a tax charge on the excess.

Maximum age for tax relief 74
Minimum age for taking benefits 55
Lifetime allowance charge - lump sum paid 55%
Lifetime allowance charge - monies retained 25%
on cumulative benefits exceeding £1,250,000*
Maximum tax-free lump sum 25%*


*Subject to transitional protection for excess amount.

Note - For most pension arrangements, the total pension input is the aggregate of contributions paid into all the individual's pension savings during the relevant pension input period (PIP). Contributions should be the gross amount (i.e. including the tax relief attaching to the contributions). The PIP is usually the year to the anniversary date which falls within the relevant tax year. There are special rules for defined benefit arrangements.